That Day our Morals Failed.

Picture source: Google *The following is based on a true event* Dutifully firm and unwavering, a stoic man, had to be, he is the traffic officer. He is taught the public duties, to serve the human for the human. He wakes up every morning, touches the feet of his elders, gives the blessings to his young ones. He … Continue reading That Day our Morals Failed.

What happens when you see miracles?

What happens when you look at the world around you and you get to see miracles, some good souls, leaders?  Inspiration evolves gradually.  When all you know about life is that there is a conceptual world the humans have created and you are following it blindly cause thinking the other way round would be too … Continue reading What happens when you see miracles?

 That bewildering clinch of the heart and the mind

​Life is a bewildering clinch of the heart and the mind.You may talk with people, listen to their stories, relate it to your own, follow their journey, but you will still have to fight the battle of your life unchaperoned.So the next time you get domineered by judgements, remember only impassionate beings are sure of … Continue reading  That bewildering clinch of the heart and the mind

The Sunshine Blogger award

​I was nominated for the following award. I’m sorry it took me so long to participate to time constraints. Finally here I am appreciating the awesome bloggers for nominating me.. THANK YOU. XXXX Thank you eddaz for this award. I’m really grateful for the recognition. Kindly check out her blog. I’m fascinated by how mesmerizing her blog posts … Continue reading The Sunshine Blogger award

Perceptions of life and the Effects of time !

​Jo chaha tha vo bhool hui,  jo paaya hai vo chaaha nahi,  Me ghoomta hun,  Me ghoomta hun. -Gulzar in conversation with Tagore. Frigid, ice-kissed winter mornings.  Freezing chill elevates my spirit by altering the elucidation of all and sundry as pristine as a book ready for new stories.  Rosy cheeked tightening my scarf, i … Continue reading Perceptions of life and the Effects of time !