Like a bird.

How far can one go for loving oneself?
How difficult it is to love thyself?Why do we need approval from someone else?Why is there a need of someone else?

Why do we keep running after someone who would anyway love us less than ourselves?
While you may try to find yourself in others you should know this:

The only heart that will unconditionally beat for you till the very end is yours, the one that would love you even when you don’t love it back the way it deserves, it is going to fulfill each and every expectation you have with Mr./Ms. X’s Heart. 

I have not got what i have always wanted in love-relations. My first relation did not work, neither the second, the third, nor the fourth, too much failure in relationships, and i still do not regret rather believe that there is something much larger than life behind these failures.

We give importance to love so much,                but we do forget that above everything is Life.

Life is much more interesting, cause obviously love breaks your heart everytime if you do not know how to deal with it.
Heartbreak often leads you to introspection within.

And when for a prolonged time, you feel like your life isn’t moving at all, despite the attempts you make, you tend to get stuck with life and you know deep within there is something we are left to learn from this ‘prolonged sadness’.

I have had this habit of writing diary since i was in school, i even used to write about my exams and believed that writing would help me pass the exam.

I still remember the time i claimed for my personal room at the age when i did not know the meaning of what it actually means and thus my parents decided to empty the store room for me and i was excited for that small room. 

I migrated times in my own house for the sake of my ‘personal-room’ thing not taken seriously.

From store-room to the one room near my grandparent’s room( the prettiest of all), then back to sharing room with my sister, and then to my mother’s room, and then when i got a little older my mother divided the big hallroom into two parts, and gave one to me and the other part to my sister, the part i got had a wooden flooring , a book stand, a show-case of beautiful idols and sceneries, and many other beautiful things but still i would glue my eyes onto my sister’s room, you know it happens with siblings of the same age, you don’t like what you get no matter how much better it is, you will anyway want what the other has got.
So, i lost my own room and started living in my mother’s room, and after 2-3 years, my sister moved to bangalore for her professional life leaving behind her room making me so happy only to realize later that now i have to share it with my little brother. My little brother and my elder sister are like one soul, two bodies, that is they both love each other a lot and when it comes to me then ‘love’ is nowhere to be heard of. 
I am unfortunately the middle child you know.
So my sister is finally married, and i have half of the share of her room. (coudn’t still truly accept this share as well)
But then sometimes i stop and ask myself that if it wouldn’t have been like this, then how boring would it have been to have stayed only at one place and never figured out about how staying in every part of your own home feels like.
So i am not at any loss but i am actually well aware of how each and every part is.

Thus whatever happens, happens for a reason.

If you have got struggles in your life, and the other person has got peace, never ever compare it cause every life is associated with its own set of struggles.


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