That bewildering clinch of the heart and the mind

​Life is a bewildering clinch of the heart and the mind.You may talk with people, listen to their stories, relate it to your own, follow their journey, but you will still have to fight the battle of your life unchaperoned.So the next time you get domineered by judgements, remember only impassionate beings are sure of themselves.And now that you know that its your sole roving, you wont be told its supposed to be right. 

There will be times when you will be knocked down
. Once. Twice. Thrice. And yes many times.Never give up. Stand up and fight again the way you first tried to encounter. You may win or you may lose.These words that decide what the outcome or what your status is merely a concept that the people around you have built. You need not let these words affect you anymore. You are stronger, aren’t you?You can not tell yourself that you are stronger every day just by not doing anything. You need to earn and fight everyday with ‘yourself’ to make yourself stronger. You will realize that there is so much energy in you to fight all odds that made you weak yesterday.

Your tears may roll down your cheeks
and you may feel lonely at times when you decide to fight everything and anything that hurts you, but you will have to ignore the pain, scream and shout and have to get out of that situation and excel it. There are these levels you have to clear. To clear the levels of life, you need not be the same in every level, you need to be better and stronger and different in every succeeding level. You have grown up and you have learned something from the previous level and that has what made you clear the level and transformed you today.

Acceptance is very difficult
.You have to take out time for yourself and learn to accept things. You need to work out on yourself. And to work on yourself , you need to spend time with yourself which is really not easy due to the commitments we have of our work and family and our sorroundings. But you still need to ‘try’ to take out time for yourself. And how this is going to be achieved is solely in your own hands.

Think deeper about it.


22 thoughts on “ That bewildering clinch of the heart and the mind

  1. “Remember only impassionate beings are sure of themselves”- this makes me feel a million times better. So glad I stumbled across your blog today. Thanks for following mine- I’m looking forward to reading more of yours in 2017!

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  2. It starts with acceptance and love of ourselves, doesn’t it? Nothing else will matter, because our perspective is the starting point. You’ve made some wise points here, and I’m glad I found your blog.

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