Rush of Memories

My Baba rummaged through the mess in an old, brick-colored, steel Godrej cupboard at home. Curious as i was, i asked him what was he searching, to which he replied, ‘Arey, look i am able to find your amma’s passport now, but when we really wanted it two years ago, i couldn’t find it’. The moment of silence occurred, i wondered what could i possibly say now, multiple deep breaths followed. My eyes met the condition of baba who was still staring at the Passport wrapped in a white cellophane small pocket sized carry bag tied with a red-colored rubber band around it.

The source of melancholy turned into a source of joy when i asked baba to hand the passport over to me, and in few minutes we were taken 45 years back discussing how they both met on their marriage day for the first time and how and why they never met until they were tied in a knot together.

In between discussing all this, i saw him holding something else as well apart from the passport and as i approached him, his face lit up with a smile one can only associate with the rush of memories.

It was their ‘Marriage picture‘ in black and white.

It was something that I had to have known was bound to happen, something that was whispering constantly in the back of my mind.

So I shrugged and said, ‘I think mother is calling me, I will be back in sometime.’

Why some of us do not have control on our emotions or maybe everybody is like this, only some know how to hide their emotions while some may not know.

-Excerpt from novel based on Amma.


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