What happens when you see miracles?

What happens when you look at the world around you and you get to see miracles, some good souls, leaders?

 Inspiration evolves gradually.

 When all you know about life is that there is a conceptual world the humans have created and you are following it blindly cause thinking the other way round would be too much against the already built-in conceptual world.

You reach a place, called the ‘introspection-point’, you stay there for a while, you get goosebumps, you think there is more to life, you can bring a change, and right when you think now it’s the time to get ahead and change something, you lose yourself, you know why you lose yourself? 

You lose yourself cause ‘they’ (creators of the conceptual world) persuade and manipulate you to never go the other way, they will try to build walls of fakeness around you, making you believe that there is no future in the path you have chosen for yourself and thus you lose your ‘introspection-point’ and continue with the same ‘conceptual world’, but do you realize that there are some who go against the ‘creators of the conceptual world’ and change the world to make it a better place.

 To be able to think like them you need to stay focused and introspect deep and trust your own instincts and thoughts that revolve around you. 

There is always something associated with the things that happens around you, never ignore it. I am trying to write about these thoughts, these people and my introspection period, my experiences, which may help you, and would be happy if you share your experiences as well, for the same:



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